Latest Sensors And Technologies To Check Out In The Modern Casinos

Latest Sensors And Technologies To Check Out In The Modern Casinos

Casinos and gambling hubs are often gala entertainment with drinks and lights all around. Who would ever imagine slyly installed cameras among the cards and chips? But as these gambling dens engage in money transactions and thousands of new faces visit every day, tech and sensors are a must to ensure security. Here are the latest developments that every gambler should check out while visiting a gambling casino.

AI face recognition sensors

CCTVs and surveillance cameras are not bold against the sky tricks of today’s gambling frauds. The tricksters often visit the casinos repeatedly and con the dealers into paying them out in lump sums.

AI surveillance is a notch higher than the conventional camera security as they recognize the faces and raise an alert if the visitors had been under red alert before. The cameras and connected systems can also study movements and expressions and even detect possible cheating behavior in the players.

Modern Casinos

RFID chips and dice for tables 

Chips are some of the casino tokens that players tend to steal. It can be out of interest as souvenirs or to use them for cheating in the next game. Thus, the casinos use the chips and dice embedded with RFID sensors which are easy to detect using the screening front doors. The powerful radio frequency detectors scan the entire body to alert if any stolen chips are hidden. Thus, the tricksters can no longer sneak away the chips as before.

E-payments for slots

Reusing the coins and chips in the slots by tying them with strings has been a popular casino trick. After a series of tremendous losses, the dealers are now shifting to the complete e-payments. Slots directly take the cash transfers from the digital casino wallets or general credit cards to pay and spin on the spot.

Sensor marked cards

Cards are also replaced and stolen from casinos to cheat in the subsequent games. Gamblers often hide away the cards or introduce their new ones to fool the dealers. Since the deck universally looks the same, deceiving the human eye was an easy task to this day.

It is where sensors step in to help out the dealers. Cards are now printed with a sensor layer or marked with special sensors unique to the casino’s house. The casual cards or those from other casinos raise alarms as the table’s roof or base has detection screening to point out the different ones.

Modern Casinos

QR codes to pay for tokens

Cashless payments have recently become a necessity over the posh show. As the year 2020 and ahead, hit with pandemic promotes minimal touch and social distancing, e-payments were found the best to maintain the zeal of casino gambling as before. QR codes or scanner bar codes are almost present in every casino to scan and pay through the mobiles. It also benefits the casinos as they can avoid fake currency dupes.

Have you ever noticed these hidden gadgets while happily floating around the casino? Well, the next time you visit one, make sure to check these out to play safe and enjoy the best!